Alcohol and Drug Addiction – Creating a Biological Need

I met a female yesterday and she lamented the fact her husband had loved the bottle more than he loved her. She didn’t understand why he would leave her so seemingly easily, without a look back. Whilst professing he loved her.

I meet so many those who have loved addicted people. Mostly their family members are alcoholic- as alcohol is our nation’s primary drug of choice and they buy weed online in Montreal. And to an individual, these folks feel betrayed, baffled and confused.

In the event that you go to an AA meeting, they’ll speak about this phenomena called “loving the bottle” and buy Weed Online. I need to disagree a bit with the term. At best if you ask me it seems to be always a love/hate relationship. It is love initially, nonetheless it quickly turns to love/hate since the booze gets your hands on anyone and it takes over his / her life. Self-disgust sets in and the alcoholic hates himself nearly all of all. Before long, love fades away since the alcoholic turns to the bottle never to feel good- but to help keep from feeling horrible.

I am hoping I gave the woman some freedom when I told her this…

An alcoholic has changed ab muscles composition of many of the cells in his body. The cells have reformed themselves to just accept alcohol. Those cells get into a sort of shock (The DTs) if they don’t obtain drug. In addition, he or she’s grown new receptor sites in the brain that crave the alcohol. Those receptors become very anxious if they don’t obtain drug. In a myriad of different ways, the drug has messed with the human’s body to this extent that it has created what could be viewed as another’basic instinct.’ We have now people walking around who feel on a physiological level they need the drug to survive, but like they require food and water. That is true, in one single form or another, for not just for alcohol- however for all addictive substances and processes. (Yes, friends. Things like gambling, whereby you cause your system to make a unique drug, are included. You feel physiologically hooked on the drug that you cause your system to mass produce. You then need to gamble more to make even more.)